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S.M.T. Assembly Ltd. is an UL and ETL approval OEM Electronics manufacturing company and that has been registered as an ISO9002 approved company since 1998. S.M.T. specializes in Surface mount, Chip on board, Through hole, and Final casing assemblies for the OEM market.

S.M.T. has formed a partnership with Kinsho Corporation, operating under the group of Mitsubishi. Our head office is located in Hong Kong and our factory is located in China.

These days, all businesses are facing global competition. The only way for survival in this competitive world is tight co-operation. As your partner, we can provide highly flexible manufacturing, local sources, quality audits, and consultation services all at a competitive price. In fact with over 10 years of manufacturing experience and know-how with considerable investments in production facilities and technologies, we are in a strong position to compete in the global market.

Please give us a (852-26885223), or send an to



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since 16th June 1998