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            We welcome any kind of Turnkey or Consignment project

  • S.M.T. provides services starting from engineering design, component procurement, PCB assembly, testing, and final assembly. This ensures smooth delivery of your product to market.

  • S.M.T. is equipped with MRP system for material procurement and management.

  • S.M.T. has strong purchasing power which helps our customers to source different kinds of components from electronics to plastics at a competitive price, and at a short lead time.
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  • Surface Mounted Assembly
  • Chip On Board Assembly
  • Flexible Board Assembly
  • Plated Through Hole Component Assembly
  • Casing Assembly
  • In-circuit Testing, Functional Testing, and Environmental Stress Testing
-Our surface mount machines are capable of handling components from 1005 (mm) to 20mm square. We have over 10 production lines for the labour assembly use. This allows us to handle any size and type of project. services

PCB Assembly Capability is as follows :

Maximum board size is 18" x 20".
Maximum board capacity is 70 Pieces of IC and 720 Pieces of discrete Component on a 10" x 12" board.
Maximum component / board density is 300 components and 16 fine pitch device on a 205" x 3.5" double side board.

-We use statistical control methods, such as P-control chart / SPC, for controlling production. This allows us to monitor the manufacturing process and to insure its quality.

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We provide technical support throughout planning, design, manufacturing, and operational phases. We present briefings on manufacturing methods, possible improvements and cost saving design.

Our factory will be registered as an ISO9002 company in 1998. We specialize in Surface mount, Chip on board, Through hole, and Final casing assemblies for the OEM market. We can meet all manufacturing requirements of any customer and act quickly of our production configuration to make the flexibility.

Our engineers can help to re-design the PCB layouts and / or propose component changes. An example being the re-layout of a PCB resulting in components changing from PTH to SMD. We also can give technical suggestions to our customers through out the course of product design. These suggestions are aimed at reducing potential problems that emerge during the manufacturing process.

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Our quality program includes compliance with UL / ETL regulations and statistical process control. We base our quality assurance on the philosophy services"Good Training, High Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Total Business Co-operation". This allows us to continually improve the consistence of our operation while ensuring quality to our customers.

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Over the last 10 years, manufacturing has been rapidly developing in China. Our management skills and manufacturing technology have achieved international standard yet the cost of production is still maintained at a competitive level. Most overseas investors do recognize these factors and want to transfer their production or plants to China. Most of these transfers are not successful. The main reasons for these failures is due to the negligence of cultural, language along with geographical differences. To overcome these problems, we have hired locally, and are therefore able to provide Consulting Services to customers that we call the "Total Solution Package". The "Total Solution Package" helps us to provide you with a smooth start up of production and carries your product quickly to market.             The "Total Solution Package" includes the services as follows :

  1. To seek the appropriate suppliers.
  2. To manage the quotation and business matter. services
  3. To provide engineering support.
  4. To audit the supplier facilities and production line.
  5. To monitor the development progress.
  6. To do final shipment inspection.
We also provide a Quality Auditing. This service is to provide a customer who has both a supplier and manufacture, with a reliable third party inspector. The service will cover the whole South East China region. Before each shipment, we will discuss the detail requirements with the customer. Once we receive your specific instructions, we will arrange for an inspection at the required location. After the inspection, a report will be submitted with full details of each product involved.

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